Reply to an atheist, don't be ignorant

Best reply to an atheist, don't be ignorant, this guy has a point. watch

Preacher: "Could it be possible the God exists in the ninety-five percent of the world's knowledge that you don't have?"
Dobbie says: Somehow I doubt that the preacher means to state that the god Zeus, for example, might exist in the 95% of the world's knowledge that the preacher doesn't have. Instead, he means his question to refer to the Christian God. The deal is, though, the Christian God was supposed to have made himself known so that people could know of his existence and intent. That being the case, I say it's beside the point to talk about a percent of the world's knowledge anybody knows. 
Moreover, the preacher follows it with Pascal's Wager--which isn't a sound proposition! 
Further, his definition of agnosticism was only half correct; he said agnostics are those who "don't care" whether God exists. But I say there's more to it than that. 

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