The existence of nothing

It's set to autoplay at @07:00, to bypass the dull introduction.

2013 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate: The Existence of Nothing

Dobbie says: I'm so frightfully passionate about this video, because a lot of the time they make it sound as though they don't know what they're talking about.

Dawkins admits Jesus existed

Yes, he "admits" Jesus existed--however, he says he was an ordinary historical Jesus, not the miracle-working Jesus.

Dawkins Admits Jesus Existed

Now the edited version.
R. Dawkins says "Jesus existed." But the sound bite omits the part where he says it wasn't the miraculous Jesus. Editing!

Jesus Existed!: Even Atheist Richard Dawkins Has to Admit It!

Again the hand of an editor in the following video, "Richard Dawkins, enemy of God, admits Jesus Christ existed."
It omits the part where R. Dawkins says it wasn't the miraculous Jesus. An edit again raises its ugly head.

Richard Dawkins, enemy of God, admits Jesus Christ existed -

Does God exist - Sydney atheists vs theists

It's set to autoplay @02:30 minutes, after the dull introduction.

Does God Exist - Sydney atheists Vs Theists

How to make an atheist's head explode

Dobbie's rant on "How to Make an Atheists Head Explode (Uncensored Comments Version)": One) The Big Bang was an expansion, not  an "explosion." The properties of expansion are different from those of an explosion. Two) The expansion has to do with "spacetime." Three) The Big Bang model assumes a sea of largely unknown material existed before the expansion.  Thus, the cosmos didn't come out of "nothing."

How to Make an Atheists Head Explode (Uncensored Comments Version)

Re: How to Make an Atheist's Head Explode

How to make an Atheists Head explode - CONFUTED.

Next is "Atheist Head Explodes (Final PWN Version)"
Dobbie's rant on it: The host argues sematics too much, doesn't argue with evidence, and interprets the opposition's comment. Further, his way of talking is full of ambiguity and name calling. As if that's not enough, it takes stamina to listen to his faulty syllogisms.

Atheist Head Explodes (Final PWN Version)
Also, the above video page says: "Comments are disabled for this video."

My Head Is Just Fine

Steve Harvey anti-atheist comments debunked

Dobbie says: Steve Harvey doesn't know answers to big questions, but he doesn't admit it, either! That's less than honest--so where's his "moral compass?"

Steve Harvey Anti-Atheist Comments Debunked




God or atheism--which is more rational? (Prager University)

Dobbie says: This video ("God or Atheism -- Which Is More Rational?: Prager University") says essentially, "I don't know, so God did it."

Further, it doesn't do anything to prove the Bible God.

The host complains there's no empirical evidence for other universes--while he claims God started the cosmos but gives no empirical evidence for his God. So he doesn't hold himself to the same standard he holds science to!

And, I nit pick: Their galaxy rotates backward!

God or Atheism -- Which Is More Rational?: Prager University