Eric Hovind answers 6th Grade atheist

Dobbie's comments on the following video: If Eric Hovind wants everybody to be absolutely sure about stuff--as in the sense of knowing everything there is--well, then he himself can not know that his God exists. So if Eric H. claims he's absolutely sure, I say "absolutely sure" means simply to hold a firm personal opinion.

Dobbie's comments on the following video: Eric Hovind apparently thinks we cannot know anything if there's a one percent chance to be wrong.
Me: We are likely to know things even with a one percent chance to be wrong.
Furthermore, he doesn't care about scientific evidence on the cosmos. 
Nor does he care about a lack evidence for the existence of God. Instead, he suggests Pascal's Wager: believe in God in case heaven are real.
From that point on, Eric H. promotes: The Bible says it, I believe it, that settles it.
Christian/atheist debate with Hovind/Dehler


Reason Rally : Christian vs atheist

Dobbie's comment on the following video: The Christian asks an intriguing question: "Why does the militant atheist care about humanity?"

Dobbie's comments on the following video: The Christian puts words in the other guy's mouth. Furthermore, when the atheist says the Christian believes a religious story, the Christian responds with a faith assertion: "No; we have justification--we Christians have a revelation." Well, I say he merely believes it that "We Christians have a revelation."
No Science, No Logic and No Morality: Atheism.

Coffee with Claire : say what?

In this video: A look at those who lack a grasp of the following: evolution of species theory; Christianity; Big Bang; and the extinction of the dinos. I've cued the video to autoplay at @08:12.

 Coffee with Claire for January 20, 2013