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Re: Christians do not understand the Bible
In this Re Video: houghtonator says at the end of it, "Even if I don't interpret the text well, it doesn't really affect the credibility of the text itself. At the same time, this doesn't give me an excuse to read the Bible however however I want."

Dobbie's remarks: Wait one sec--did he just say that the biblical text is *still* credible even though he doesn't understand it correctly? Well, then I'll say that his assertion is virtually meaningless. Seems to me ya can't determine credibility when you can't even grasp it right! So it appears he implies credibility by default merely because it's the Bible.  

Now for a few intriguing, uploaded comments on the video:

a2daredevil00 Hi there, maybe I'm wrong, but I think ProfMTH is speaking on HOW we arrive at conclusions (not the conculsion themselves) and whether people are trying to BS their way into a conculsion (i.e changing definitions to fit the problem, saying this doesn't mean that, when it CLEARLY means that, saying you have to "believe" something first in order for it to "make sense", etc.).. and not the conclusion itself.

 Thanks daredevil. But thats exactly my point! When you get different responses to the same problem, it is appropriate to question the credibility of the METHOD, or HOW someone got to the conclusion. Not to question the credibility of the particular text. ProfMTH has no doubt exposed some problems, but its important to properly place the blame.

    Profmth Mitch  Thanks for your response, Houghtonator. I'm honored that I was able to coax you out into the videomaking arena of YouTube. Nicely done. My preliminary response to your thoughts here is that you seem to be saying that believers, despite their claim to have teaching and guidance from the divine, omniscient sovereign of the universe, are no better off than us nonbelievers who do not claim such assistance in coming to understand things. If that's what you're saying, I quite agree.