Atheist's most feared question

Atheist's Most Feared Question!

*Video response to Mr. Ministry "Atheist Most Feared Question"

★ Re: Atheist's Most Feared Question!

Re: Mr Ministry Man - RE: Atheist's Most Feared Question!

Evidence Doesn't Matter!

In this video: Mr. Ministry Man says, [@01:00] "The two guards stationed at the tomb saw Jesus step out of the tomb, fully alive."
Dobbie says: Nuh-uh, the Gospel says an angel showed up at the entrance, and seeing it, the guards swooned. They didn't see Jesus do anything. So Mr. Ministry Man is a typical Christian that gets the Gospel wrong. By the way, one Gospel reports about the guards, Matthew 28:2-4. I'd expect that, if the guards were so important, the other Gospels would've told about them, too.

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