Hitchens - The Creationist debate is over!

Christopher Hitchens "The Creationist Debate Is Over!"                                        

Inerrancy in the Bible (Orthodox priest)

In This Video: “The idea of inerrancy in scripture is idolatry.”

Dobbie’s comment: Sure, why not? I’ll go along with the idea that scripture is metaphor at best.

Evidence for God: Completely necessary (Bionic Dance)

Evidence for God: COMPLETELY Necessary

Dobbie’s comments: Good one except for the female host's occasional expletives. Oh my virgin ears! And second half overly long.

Atheist kicked off Fox News

 Atheist kicked off Fox News

Dobbie's comment: I think the Nativity scene is harmless. So the well-known atheist, Dan Barker, is nit picking here.

Proof atheists don't exist?

Proof Atheists Don't Exist!

In This Video: “Atheists cannot claim all knowledge in the universe; so they cannot say that God doesn’t exist.”

Dobbie says: How true it is that "atheists cannot claim all the knowledge in the universe." How true, too, that theists cannot claim all the knowledge in the universe, so they cannot know God exists. Thus nearly all atheists are agnostic atheists, and nearly all theists are agnostic theists.

Ken Humphreys on the World's Favorite Myth

A Talk on the World's Favourite Myth
Ken Humphreys takes a skeptical look at the New Testament Gospels.