Bill O'Reilly and Kirk Cameron on God and atheism

Kirk Cameron: "When you approach it with honesty and sincerity, it's a no brainer, God exists."  

Dobbie says: How long can you withstand it? Bill O'Reilly and Kirk Cameron discuss religion vs atheism. 

bill o'reilly and kirk Cameron OWNED god and Atheism

How to raise an atheist family

Penn Jillette: How to Raise an Atheist Family

Dobbie says: Addressing P. Jillette's topic, perhaps it would be better just to tell your kids that customized religion leaves a lot to be desired. Don't teach them that God doesn't exist, only that traditional God worship is fraught with issues. Discuss the existence vs. the non-existence of God, by making room for them to become skeptics or deists. 

DeismTV#14 - One Deist's Concept of God

What is Deism?