"Rational approach" to divine origin of Judaism

Rational Approach To Divine Origin of Judaism
In This Video: The host says, “People are gullible; they will believe anything as long as the lie cannot be checked.”
Dobbie’s Comments: I say the host fails to apply his own words to his thesis on Judaism. Which is that Judaism is true because an aspect of it is different from other religions; namely the Book of Exodus states that a great many people heard God speak on Mount Sinai in the desert, so the host declares it must be true since it’s a one-of-a-kind event. Just like that. However, to use the host’s own words, “the lie cannot be checked,” so it's only an unconvincing tradition.

Dennis Prager & Sam Harris debate religion

Dennis Prager is a Jewish radio personality. Sam Harris is an agnostic-atheist philosopher, author of the book “The End of Faith.”
[01:40] Prager says the Ten Commandments don’t require the death penalty for those who violate the Sabbath.
Me: Not in the Ten Commandments, although Exodus 31 commands to kill those who violate the sabbath.

Why Christians don't argue with atheists

Why Christians Don't Argue with Atheists
Why Christians Don't Argue with Atheists
In This Video: The Christian says, “I don’t have to show you any evidence.”
Dobbie's Comments: That's rich! The Christian says, "I'm telling you something but I don't need any evidence behind it."  An appeal to absolutism. Like an old Edward G. Robinson movie, "I'm the boss here, see. Yeah. This is Mugsy's territory, see. Period, see."