Dennis Prager & Sam Harris debate religion

Dennis Prager is a Jewish radio personality. Sam Harris is an agnostic-atheist philosopher, author of the book “The End of Faith.”
[01:40] Prager says the Ten Commandments don’t require the death penalty for those who violate the Sabbath.
Me: Not in the Ten Commandments, although Exodus 31 commands to kill those who violate the sabbath.

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tryblinking said...

surely by his logic, the entire of the Ten Commandments can be dismissed, as only for use in a 'time of war'.
He goes on about religion 'seeing' two atrocities for what they were, but neglects the inquisition, witch trial, the crusades, slavery in general. Ask the Black slaves up to last century even, if they were treated like 'bonded servants' or beaten sub-humans.

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