"Rational approach" to divine origin of Judaism

Rational Approach To Divine Origin of Judaism
In This Video: The host says, “People are gullible; they will believe anything as long as the lie cannot be checked.”
Dobbie’s Comments: I say the host fails to apply his own words to his thesis on Judaism. Which is that Judaism is true because an aspect of it is different from other religions; namely the Book of Exodus states that a great many people heard God speak on Mount Sinai in the desert, so the host declares it must be true since it’s a one-of-a-kind event. Just like that. However, to use the host’s own words, “the lie cannot be checked,” so it's only an unconvincing tradition.


Sam said...

The lie can be indeed be checked. First you have determine what the lie is. How do you propose that the Jewish people were convinced that they heard God speak at Sinai, OR how do you propose that they were convinced that their ancestors heard God speak at Sinai?

Sam said...

Suffice it to say that you can listen to the discussion again and determine answers to both of those questions, and yes, the lie can be checked.

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