How to make an atheist's head explode

"How to Make an Atheists Head Explode"
Dobbie's comments on it:
1) The Big Bang was expansion, not  "explosion." The properties of expansion are different from those of explosion.
 2) The Big Bang model assumes a sea of unknown material existed before expansion; so the cosmos didn't come from "nothing."

How to Make an Atheists Head Explode (Uncensored Comments Version)

RE: ATHEISTS: How To Make Their Heads Explode

How to make an Atheists Head explode - CONFUTED.

Next up is "Atheist Head Explodes (Final PWN Version)"
Dobbie's comment on it: The host argues semantics, argues less with evidence. Also, he interprets the opposition's comment. Furthermore, his argument depends on ambiguity and name calling. And if that isn't enough, faulty syllogisms.

Atheist Head Explodes (Final PWN Version)
Also, the above video page says: "Comments are disabled for this video."

My Head Is Just Fine

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