Quiz Show (Bible Contradictions)


Apologists have posted YouTube videos refuting the "Quiz Show (Bible contradictions)," the above video. But they also add words to scripture in order to do refute stuff! In my ever so humble opinion, these contradictions are good ones and hard or impossible for Bible theists to get around.

One excuse is that God didn't exactly "rest" on the seventh day. Instead "he ceased work and enjoyed his creation." Well, if that is what was meant, scripture could have made it plain. But it didn't make it plain. Instead it says rested, and that translation is in most Bible editions.

Besides, God saw that his creation was good on each of the successive six days. But the apologist says that now God ceased work and enjoyed his creation (words the apologist adds to scripture), on the seventh day.

In other words, the video refutations square the circle.

Here's one such one (right below). Judge for yourself if there's fancy apologetic footwork going on.

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