Eric Hovind answers 6th Grade atheist

Dobbie's Comments on the following video: If E. Hovind wants everybody to be absolutely sure about stuff--as in the sense of to know everything there is--Hovind himself cannot know that his God exists! Again, he himself cannot know everything there is, so if Hovind says he's absolutely sure his God exists, I say "absolutely sure" simply means to hold a firm personal opinion!

Dobbie's Comments on the following video: Well, I say if there's a one percent chance to be wrong,  a person is likely to know something anyway. But E. Hovind seems to think if there's a one percent chance to be wrong, a person doesn't know anything at all! That's not a practical postition to take. Further, he doesn't give a hoot for scientific evidence about the cosmos--or for the lack of evidence for the existence of God. That bottom line is, Hovind leads up to Pascal's Wager--which is, better to believe in God in case God and heaven are real! From there, E. Hovind promotes believing what the Bible says: "The Bible says it--I believe it--that settles it!"
Christian/atheist debate with Hovind/Dehler


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