Why Frank Pastore converted (Prager University)

 In This Video: Frank Pastore explains why he converted from atheism to theism. “I was confronted with the awareness that four Big Bangs have to be accounted for, not just one.”

Dobbie’s Comments: Frank Pastore says the cosmos is about 16 billion years old. Nuh-uh--the current model says it's 13.7 billions years old.

He says the cosmos came from nothing. Well, nuh-uh--it came from nothing we know about.

He says theism must be the answer to other current scientific mysteries. So he makes the old “the God of the gaps argument”!

I, Dobbie, say Big Bangs don't need to be account for--theistic claims do. Atheists don't have to account for the origin of the universe--or how life forms first-ever started--atheists simply aren't convinced by theistic claims--and that's why they're atheists.

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