Robert M. Price exposes apologist W.L. Craig

Robert M Price exposes William Lane Craig - Pt 1/2
Dobbie’s Comments: W.L. Craig, a well-mannered Christian apologist, frequently speaks on his five proof arguments for the existence of God. They include the argument for the historical accuracy of the resurrection of Jesus. However, these key arguments have a subjective side. He'll say they’re most reasonable. Doesn’t ask if they’re reasonable, tells you they are.


In This Video: A sample of one of WLC’s key “scientific” arguments for the existence of a Designer God.

Daniel Dennett onWilliam Lane Craig
In This Video: Dennett says, “There are counter-intuitive things in quantum mechanics that cannot be interpreeted yet.”

Dobbie’s Comment: Several times W.L. Craig refers to the Muslim philosopher Al-Ghazali (AD 1058-1111), who argued that the universe had a beginning in the finite past.

William Lane Craig 5
Dobbie’s Comment: Here’s a good basic complaint about the way Craig debates!

In This Video: W.L. Craig says [03:00] “The key to victory in the Christian life is not having all your questions answered. The key is learning to live with unanswered questions. ... How do you allow unanswered questions not be become destructive doubts; and I think that part of the secret of that would be by cultivating your spiritual life, engaging in spiritual disciples like prayer, meaningful worship, Christian music, sharing your faith with other people, being involved in Christian service. ... [And] take some issue that has been a nagging doubt and make it the subject of a research project ... and pursue it into the ground until you are intellectually satisfied. And it will free you from that ever being a source of doubt in your life again.”

Why the Kalam Cosmological Argument Fails
Dobbie's Comments: Teachers will say that in the beginning there was no matter, no engery, or anything else, nothing except for the potential to exist. The way I see it, “the potential to exist” is something not nothing. I say “nothing” means nothing whatsoever and no potential. So the teacher in this video should say the universe came from "nothing known," not say it came from the "potential to exist."

In This Video: The theist needs creation to be from nothing. But his problem is that science hasn't any evidence for such a creation!

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