Silverman vs. everybody else on Fox News

Dobbie says: In this video, everybody contributes to their own brand of stupid!

Dave Silverman vs. Everybody Else on fox news

Atheist vs Christian hosts about Merry Christmas

david silverman destroys stuart varney about the merry christmas nonsense

Dobbie says: About the above video ... I say David Silverman, the atheist, not only fails to "destroy" anyone, but he also talks like a jerk in it.

David Silverman Makes Hannity Pout At Christmastime! Santa not pleased

Atheist Leader and Hannity Clash Over Christmas

Atheists insulted on Fox News religion panel

Atheists Insulted On Fox News Religion Panel

Dobbie says: I'll bring up a petty point here. He says Satan will get you in hell. But I understand, from Christian doctrine, that Satan doesn't get or torture anybody in hell. Instead the Devil himself gets thrown into, imprisoned, and punished in hell. He doesn't preside there. He isn't in charge of anything there. 

Top 10 reasons why the Bible is repulsive

The Top 10 Reasons Why the Bible is Repulsive

Re: Top 10 Reasons why the Bible is Repulsive
Video says: "Christ was the new high priest, so the Old Testament laws were changed."

Dobbie says: But the New Testament neither forbids nor denounces slavery itself.