Debate - Does God Exist: Imagine No Religion 2

I've cued it to AUTOPLAY @11:35, beyond most of the tedious introductions; but even then, the better part of the debate begins at the 42:00 minute mark.


Christopher Hitchens on irreducible complexity

Hitchens: IC is an infinitely expanding tautology

I've set it to AUTOPLAY @03:15, beyond most of the dull introduction.

Why God creates someone knowing they would go to hell

God creates someone knowing they'll go to hell?
Host: "God wills all to be saved. ... God gives every human being sufficient grace for them to make it to heaven."
Dobbie replies: Well, predestination is also a motif in the New Testament.




Proof God exists podcast

Dobbie's Comment: I've cued it to AUTOPLAY @04:40, after the dull introductions.

Sye Ten Bruggencate on The Thinking Atheist Podcast (less edited version)